Chin Check EP

by Volatile

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released July 4, 2013

Recorded/Produced by: Chris Tsanjoures
Album Art by: Wesley Hine



all rights reserved


Volatile Plainfield, Connecticut

We're a hardcore band from Plainfield/Norwich, CT. For booking or questions you can email

David O'Brien-Drums
Nigel Gernhard-Guitar
Khris Maynard-Bass
Chris Palmer-Vocals

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Track Name: D
Look me in the eyes and tell me if you think I'm lying. You fight the truth and think about avoiding consequences, you're addicted to dick and its sickening to see how everyone you truly loved was kissing at your feet.

Have your friends and family actually, truly stuck around you? Look its disappointing to see you smile. Everything you do or say, anything you do or say, will forever be forgotten sent out to a sea of lies.

Bullshit, you don't care. Clearly 'cause you never did. Never ever ever will he understand how he could stand to be around you for, more than just one second. Oh dear hatred, you've won once again.
Track Name: The Matter at Hands
Where have you gone in your mind? You've got so much thought and love.

Your anger, grows from our father. The blood shared, so hard to get over. The matter at hands, is that you're 15 with the mind of a man.

Habits that I fear you'll create, between substance and hate, or anything that could poison your youth. I fear that you're a creature, within yourself.

Your anger, grows from our father. The blood shared, so hard to get over. The matter at hands, is that you're 15.

I'll be anywhere you need me to be, because, I've been there before.
Track Name: Play For Keeps
Let's start by saying you're a liar and a fucking thief. Stepping on our shoulders to make yourself look good. But there's just one thing you forgot, my dreams are a game I play for keeps. Three years I've spent on this. While you were busy lying in your own piss. I won't play this game of he-said-she-said, time to swing cut it off at the head.

Where were you at the very start? Where were you when things fell apart? Its funny now that we've made it you're around, but when we struggle I know you won't be found.

The past I remember it so vividly. You told me that I'd never amount to anything. Look me in the eye and say the past was blunder, but I won't forget the nights that I had to wonder.

So pack your shit, get the fuck out of my face. You were never my true friend, its time to be erased. Take the next train out of town. I don't want to hear your name, ever again.